Introducing - A New Site dedicated to Serverless!

One thing I have learned over the past year while writing blog articles on Serverless to help people learn is that it is not straightforward, and the skills you need are more than just writing software or deploying infrastructure. You need to understand a broad range of topics to design and build solutions with Serverless successfully. This makes blog articles that go deep really long and difficult to read and understand because there is so much to cover!

To be successful with Serverless, you need to have some understanding of the following:

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • Security

  • Event Driven Architectures

  • Available Managed Services

  • Code Frameworks

  • Software Engineering

  • and the List goes on ... !

So I have created a new blog site for all my future writing based around smaller, focused articles that are interlinked and weave together to create a complete picture of each topic. The articles are organised into focused groups and will be linked so people can browse through each topic and learn information in smaller doses which will be easier to read, understand and share.

What is Serverless DNA?

The "DNA" stands for "Digital Native Architecture", which is how I see Serverless fitting into the broad world of cloud technology.

Serverless DNA takes the form of Small Blog articles, "Mini-blogs" to create knowledge about a specific Strand of Serverless Technology. Each Strand of knowledge may be linked to one or more other Strands which are related and should also be looked at to help expand and grow your knowledge of Serverless.

This first release on is the MVP of the DNA concept for Serverless knowledge - I want to grow this into more than just my blog site but also enable it as a community resource linking in content from around the globe from other contributors to help categories, link and collate the body of Serverless knowledge out there today. Find out more by browsing the About Strand - which is where I will be sharing my public roadmap for the site.

I hope you find this new site useful, and I really look forward to your thoughts and comments on this new beginning for my writing in 2023.

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