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Thanks for dropping by my blog here on Hashnode. I love Hashnode because it allows me to publish my blog for free, and there is no paywall here, so it means everything I write is freely available and accessible, which is super important!!

❓Who am I?

I am a super-passionate developer with over 25 years of industry experience building complex software systems for customers. Over the past 5 years, I have been immersing myself in AWS Serverless managed services and learning to build complex event and data-driven systems that scale from zero to HERO in milliseconds! I can honestly say that I have not configured or worked on an actual server for that long, and it has been an amazing journey!! I have never been more excited about technology than I am now, and I witnessed the birth of the Internet!

✍🏽 What do I write?

All the articles I write are based on my very own personal experiences in delivering Serverless solutions to the AWS cloud. I am super passionate about sharing my experiences with building Serverless solutions, and I happen to love the AWS Lambda Powertools for Python!

☕️ Why this Sponsor Page?

I love to share with the wider AWS Community and do so through the AWS Community Builder Program, which I am very proud to be a part of. Like many bloggers, I work full-time, and this blog is where I share my true passion. It takes time and dedication to create meaningful content that is detailed and useful. If you feel what I am sharing is of value and has helped you to learn new skills or resolve a complex problem - I ask you to consider taking a moment to share the love via this sponsorship page and buying me a cup of coffee ☕️ to keep me going.

If you cannot buy me a coffee, that is perfectly fine, and I hope you can leave some comments or feedback on my articles to help encourage me to continue sharing and creating!

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